About Me

Just a girl in a ball cap selling $5.00 jewelry- that’s me - "Kymper from Colorado" (although I now live in Texas- but I digress). Listen, if I can do this, raise a family, work a full-time job, have fun, and make money all at the same time, so can you! 
Let me just tell you that aside from my Paparazzi business, I work full time for a company I’ve been with for 22 years. I’m a mom of two college students, and I am first-time empty nester. Bottom line, I am BUSY. I think that’s really important to share because so many of us are busy and don’t think there is time in the day to pursue a business or a passion. I’m here to prove to you that YOU CAN!
Unlike other consultants, I did not set out looking to start a business. Paparazzi literally fell into my lap. On crutches, I hobbled past a Paparazzi booth at a local vendor event back in the fall of 2011. I was actually looking for a cute, long necklace for work, but I was determined not to spend more than $10. I saw a booth with all these signs saying “Everything is $5!”, and to be honest, I was skeptical. I hobbled past the booth 3 times before I finally went in to ask what “really” was $5. I was totally shocked to learn that EVERYTHING in the booth was $5- like everything! It was all so cute and trendy, and just what I was looking for. $5 and I was on my way, totally happy.
The following month, that business owner convinced me to host a party in my little rural Colorado town, and I invited everyone I knew. I remember having a great time that night and watching the consultant sitting at a table making money- because everyone loved the jewelry too! Right then, I thought to myself, “I can totally do that.” Paparazzi seemed to be a great way to get out of the house and interact with other fun women. That was a big deal for me at the time because I worked from home, my kiddos were much younger, and my husband worked overseas much of the year. I was house-bound, lonely and bored!
I became a Paparazzi consultant in February 2012 thinking I’d have maybe one home party each month. Ha! I laugh at that now because I had NO idea how Paparazzi would change my life. In three months, I hit the rank of Director with a team of three. I spent the next two years doing home parties and vendor events and growing my team to 20- just kind of "figuring things out"- still just pursuing Paparazzi as my "hobby". 
Once I attended my first Paparazzi convention, I realized what an amazing opportunity I had been wasting, and I went to work to change my "hobby" into a side-business.
Fast forward, after a whole bunch of unexpected life-changing family events, I am still employed full-time and my Paparazzi business is bigger and more fun that it’s ever been! What started as an excuse to get out of the house has evolved so many times - it’s been a mental and creative escape, a necessary stream of income (sometimes helping me to build a savings, sometimes putting gas in my car and food on my table), and all along the way it’s become a fulfilling opportunity to help other women realize their own independence and awesomeness as girl bosses!
I am currently an Executive Director of an amazing team of about 40 women and men from all over the country, and am determined to become an Elite consultant one day soon. My team hustles together, we laugh together, succeed and fail together, cheer each other on, and have a really good time along the way. We are Team Chic-a Chickas, and we ROCK! : )
I am here not only to spread the fun of Paparazzi to as many people as I can, but also to prove that you don’t have to spend more than $5 on fabulous jewelry. Above all else, I hope I can help you realize that YOU ARE WORTH IT. You are worth a $5 treat. You are worth becoming financially stable or even independent. You are worth the smile that a pretty necklace or new bracelet can bring. Let me know if I can help you in any way.
Until then, I’m just a girl in a ball cap selling $5 jewelry, doin’ my thing, and having a ton of fun doing it. : )